InsigniaYour smile is unique, and it deserves customized treatment that accommodates your smile’s individual shape, structure, and alignment needs. Traditional braces include generic, one-size-fits-all brackets that, while effective, do not offer the fast-acting and highly optimized results you deserve. At MP Orthodontics, we use Insignia™, an advanced software that creates customized treatment plans that fit the exact needs of our patients. The result is brackets, wires, and an overall experience that are 100% tailored to your smile alone.

Insignia starts treatment with the end goal in mind, thanks to its 3D abilities that analyze your facial symmetry and exact tooth positioning to help you and Dr. Mark Padilla visualize the finished results. With this end goal in mind, we will create a meticulous treatment plan to provide predictable, accurate, and quick results.

Orthodontists who offer Insignia have undergone additional training and certification to become members of a select group that provides the best possible patient care. As an Insignia orthodontist, Dr. Mark Padilla is committed to offering a high standard of care and delivering transformative results.

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