Damon SmilesIf you are interested in receiving orthodontic treatment that combines innovation with advanced technology to produce outstanding results, we suggest you consider receiving Damon™ braces. The Damon Smile System treats patients in a whole new way by utilizing self-ligating braces to make treatment faster, more comfortable, and more conservative.

In some cases, traditional braces necessitate the removal of teeth or require palatal expanders to widen the arch, which can lengthen your treatment time. Damon braces work with your smile, allowing you to keep all of your teeth and enjoy a more concise treatment duration.

Self-ligating braces use shape-memory wires and special clips to move your teeth into place, eliminating elastic bands and metal ties that can cause friction and discomfort in your mouth. This allows your teeth to move more freely, and allows our orthodontist to make quick adjustments to your braces, saving you time at our office. The lack of rubber bands and metal ties also make it easier to clean your teeth, keeping your smile healthier during the duration of your treatment.

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