How to insert and remove your Invisalign

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So you got some attachment issues eh? .. Wait let us clarify, if you had attachments added to you teeth as apart of your Invisalign treatment, it’s common amongst patients to have a little trouble navigating how to put your aligners in and take them out.

Now, lets get em’ in

When inserting your aligners it’s important to start with your front teeth and then work your way to the back. Once the tray is fully covering your teeth, use your thumbs to seat them firmly. If you still feel you Invisalign isn’t 100% seated, use your chewies to seat them all the way.

It’s important to remember NEVER BITE YOUR ALIGNERS INTO PLACE! This can cause the tray to bend or worse, break. No bitey, use chewies instead.

It’s also important to not force you aligners in. If your aligner isn’t fitting right or feels funny, it may have folded. If this happens, take your aligner out and gently unfold the area back outwards before trying again.

Invisalign Retainer

Let’s get em’ out

Now for removing your aligners you want to do the reverse: instead of starting at the front you’re going to start at the back and work your way to the front. You want to take your finger and “flick” the tray downwards. This will release the tray and make it easier to get a hold of. Repeat this on both sides of your mouth, once you feel the tray has been released, grab both sides and gently pull down and forward over each tooth.

Like most things in life, excessive force is never necessary. If you try to forcibly remove your aligner you could tear the aligner or even break off attachments on your teeth.

Tip: When removing the tray over difficult or crowded areas, try gently rocking or wiggling the tray to help get it off.

Another tip: A drier mouth is better to get your Invisalign off. If you know your going to be removing your aligner soon, try not to drink a beverage right before you remove you aligners.