Some Things to Consider About Ceramic Braces

When you hear the word “braces,” you may imagine the typical metal varieties. Metal braces are still fairly standard today, but your choices are not limited to them. If you would like, you can look into ceramic braces. Since ceramics are still braces, they perform the same function as their traditional cousins. They gently persuade your teeth to come into... read more »

Dental Checkup Details for When You Have Braces

Your dental checkups are vital if you want a top-notch oral health and smile. They are also very important if you want to have a successful and problem-free orthodontic treatment with braces. This is because they deeply clean your teeth, gums and appliance and help you prevent major dental issues, like tooth decay and periodontal disease. So, our orthodontist, Dr.... read more »

Orthodontics: A History

You may think of orthodontics as a modern development, but in reality, orthodontics has been developing since ancient times. This branch of dentistry has developed gradually over time to become the modern orthodontics we know and love today. Orthodontics in Ancient Times Human remains with crooked teeth have been found dating back 50,000 years. Ancient Egyptian mummies have been discovered... read more »