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When you hear the word “braces,” you may imagine the typical metal varieties. Metal braces are still fairly standard today, but your choices are not limited to them. If you would like, you can look into ceramic braces.

Since ceramics are still braces, they perform the same function as their traditional cousins. They gently persuade your teeth to come into alignment. Where they differ is in their appearance. If you feel that metal braces are too unsightly, you may find that ceramics are more appealing to the eyes.

The brackets are composed of a ceramic composite. This material can blend with your teeth because it can have a similar color. People will still know they are there, but they can blend well enough that those you meet may find them more pleasant to look at.

There is a chance that ceramic braces may not be the right fit for your teeth, though this may be a rare occurrence. Our orthodontist, Dr. Mark Padilla, examines your teeth before making a decision, and he can tell you if ceramics can be a boon to you or not. If not, do not worry. We have a variety of treatments, and we will try to find the one that benefits you the most.

To see if ceramic braces can bring your best smile out, you are welcome to visit us here at MP Orthodontics in Plano, Texas. You can easily reach us by calling 214-474-3193. We are always happy to serve you, so do not hesitate to call us today!